2024 Breakthrough Leadership Institute

Case Study Presenter

Dr. Theodore R. Burnes

Licensed Psychologist, Expert in gender diversity & supports for non-binary youth

Dr. Burnes (he/him) is a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed professional clinical counselor in the state of California. He has received numerous awards for teaching and training of therapists, and is passionate about creating learning environments for therapists-in-training that infuse a commitment to social justice, application of theory and research to practice, and a self-awareness of the person-as-therapist. He has been facilitating learning in graduate psychology, counseling, education, and mental health training programs (in both didactic and applied settings) since 2006.

Dr. Burnes has been a practicing mental health worker since 2001 in a variety of community, school-based, organizational and mental health settings. In partnership with faculty work, he currently sees clients (adolescents, adults, relationship therapy, family therapy and group therapy) and supervises pre-licensed, post-degree professionals in private practice in Westwood, CA. He specializes in working with queer and gender diverse youth; sexuality, intimacy and relationship therapy; grief and loss; and normative life stressors for adolescents and adults.